FReelance TV Series Work

Highway Thru Hell - Great PAcific TV

Brad wrote, directed, and shot on three seasons of "Highway Thru Hell", a documentary series following Jamie Davis' towing company based out of Hope, B.C. and Fort McMurray, Alberta. Notoriously bad road and weather conditions make for busy and dangerous work. "It was also a very interesting series to film as you  are called out in the worst weather to shoot on the edge of slick icey highway with traffic rolling by, where there has just been a dramatic accident"The series was created and produced by Great Pacific TV, with record breaking viewership on Canada's  Discovery Channel.  It has been sold worldwide. 

Ice Pilots NWT - OMni Film Productions

Brad directed four seasons of "Ice Pilots NWT", a documentary series on bush pilots based out of the Northwest Territories, in northern Canada. "Filming in Yellowknife during  the winter with the Buffalo Airways crew, and flying around in vintage WWII aircraft and filming rookie pilots was both terrifying and exhilarating." The series was created and produced by Omni Films and broadcast on History Channel here in Canada and numerous countries worldwide.  

Pyros - omni Film Productions

Pyros followed Montreal based pyrotechnic company Groupe Fiatlux-Ampleman (GFA) as they travelled around the world putting on amazing fireworks displays. "Traveling and filming huge celebrations in France, Germany, England, China, Chile, Italy, Mexico, South Africa and Quebec, with the terrific people at GFA, was among the enjoyable productions I have ever participated in".  Pyros was made for Discovery Channel Canada, but aired in over 120 countries worldwide. 

Consumed - Paperny Entertainment

Consumed challenged hoarding families to clear their clutter and survive thirty days with only the bare essentials. The family itself would decide which of their possessions they truly needed and which would be donated. "This was a very challenging to direct, because each month we went into a family's home and captured the dramatic upheaval as we purged them of their hoarder-like quantities of clutter and then renovated  their homes."   Consumed was produced by Paperny Entertainment and aired on HGTV.  


For Brad, directing and story editing Insight Film’s “Vanity Insanity” series was some of the most bizarre he's had in this business.  Shooting in New York Fashion Week, interviewing Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion about the history of the bikini, and filming some very dramatic surgery with America’s top plastic surgeons  "The challenge in this series was to capture the human stories behind these drastic body modifications in a sensitive and empathetic manner".  Vanity Insanity was produced by Insight Films for Global TV. 

Stunt Dawgs - Omni Film Productions

Brad wrote and directed six of the thirteen episodes of Stuntdawgs, a documentary series led by Arnold Schwarzenegger's stunt double, and true Terminator, Peter Kent. Peter and his team of stunt professionals recreated Hollywood stunts in order for the public to understand the meticulous preparation and execution involved behind the scenes of their favourite blockbuster hits. "The most terrifying day of my directing career was during the recreation of Terminator motorcycle jump, when Peter Kent was almost thrown off a motorcycle suspended 90 feet above a rock quarry and then later the same day, a car rigged with explosives and drums of fuel inexplicably exploded 3 minutes before it was supposed to putting stuntmen and film crew in jeopardy". The series was produced by Omni Films for Movie Central.